Terms and conditions

The following General Business Provisions of the " Alessandro & Hendrik Helmke private company - All About Football" are part of the contract and are to be read and accepted by the contracting party.  All About Football is represented by Alessandro Helmke and Hendrik Helmke. The participants' minimum age for concluding a contract with the firm is 18. All the terms and conditions agreed on by the individual parties must be endorsed in writing. Oral agreements are not accepted.

1. Conclusion of Contract

The conclusion of the contractual terms and conditions in force for the event of the day comes about at the participant's request. All information necessary for registration has to be entered into the online-form or the PDF-form available for downloading. Participants can send their registration form by mail, online or hand it in personally. All About Football will acknowledge receipt of the registration within two weeks via e-mail or mail. All About Football will make a confirmed reservation for all ingoing reservations. Confirmation of registration is at the same time statement of account for the chosen event. Confirmation of participation commits All About Football to comply with the provisions of the tender. The conclusion of the contract obliges the participant to pay the fixed charge for his participation in the event of the day. Furthermore, the participant is obliged to comply with the duties stated in the general terms and conditions.

2. Participants, Minimum Attendance

Every event is designed to meet the requirement of at least a minimum number of participants.

Our scouting events require a minimum number of 20 participants. Should the desired number not be reached, All About Football reserves the right to decide if the event is feasible or must be canceled.

3. Services, Changes in Services

The services to be provided by All About Football concern the services offered for the respective event of the day on the internet site. Insofar as the handing out of sports equipment or sports wear is part of the agreement, we would like to point out that differences in quality regarding such materials are possible due to not infrequent manufacturing defects.

All About Football reserves the right to modify or adapt the premises of the respective events as required (e.g., in the event of a sudden change in the weather) if it does not cause considerable impairment to the running of the event.

4. Payment

Talent Scouting Matches

The amount charged must be paid into the account of All About Football, as specified in the confirmation, and the payment is due before the start of the respective event. In case of a last-minute registration (< 14 days) the fee is payable in cash.

General provision

At all the other events the fee is due before the first day of the event.

5. Withdrawal, Notice of Termination, Non-Appearance, Illness, Injury

Any withdrawal must be drawn up in writing. Withdrawal means that the participant is no longer entitled to take part in the event booked by him. Registration is binding on principle. In the case of cancelation at up to two weeks' notice, the registered participant will be given a 50 % refund of the paid amount. Any notice within the last 48 hours before the event will entail payment of 75 % of the fee.

Withdrawal causes invalidation of the participant's right to articles of clothing. At the start of the event any refunding of fees is excluded. In the case of illness or injury of a participant during the scouting event, any proportionate refunding is not possible. However, we will try to find a fair solution for all participants.

6. Implementation, Duties of Supervision

The participants are under the obligation to follow the coaches' instructions. If a participant does not follow the instructions, the person in charge or his authorized substitute has the right to exclude him from the event and send him home at his own expense. In this event, the participant also loses his entitlement to a refund of the paid fee.

The implementation of the services offered lies solely with the respective manager of the All About Football private company or his authorized representative.

7. State of Health

Through his registration the participant warrants that he does not suffer from any physical impairment or health problem.

8. Withdrawal and Cancelation by All About Football

Having confirmed the registration, All About Football reserves the right to cancel the event if the respective minimum number of participants required for the implementation of events is not reached. On non-attainment of the scheduled minimum number, a possible cancelation has to be effected by the promoters at least 14 days ahead of the intended start of the event.

However, the event can just as well be canceled if organizational or other specific reasons make the calling off absolutely necessary. Examples there are such as these:

  • illness of the promoter or his authorized representative

  • closing off of the venue scheduled for the event.

Should a scheduled event not be implemented unexpectedly, All About Football will try to offer an alternative event. If the implementation of an alternative event is not feasible either, All About Football commits themselves to contacting their participants as soon as possible and to refunding the paid fees within 14 days. If the event cannot be carried on for specific reasons after its start, the participants will be given a proportionate refund. In case the event has to be interrupted for reasons beyond their control (as, for example, storms, closing off of pitch), the promoting firm will try to provide a replacement or other compensation, with these being exclusively within their discretion. That also applies to individual services All About Football cannot be held responsible for, such as the catering of food and beverages. The participant is not entitled to any replacement or compensation.

9. Liability

Based on the legal duty of diligence, All About Football is liable in the exercise of

  • conscientious preparation

  • careful selection and supervision of their service providers (managers and employees in charge)

  • the correctness of the content of the advertisement

  • the due provision of the contractual services

All About Football  is not liable for harm done the participant by third parties who are not their representative or their agent.

All About Football accepts no responsibility for injuries or damage done to the players. All About Football accepts no responsibility particularly for itinerary harm or facility damages of the venues nor are they liable for damages of any kind caused before, during and after their services. The liability of the promoter for damages caused by their own breach of duty or by their representatives' or agents' breach of duty is limited to intent and gross negligence. All About Football accepts no responsibility in the event of loss of objects of value. Neither is All About Football liable in the case of burglary or theft. 

If a participant is invited for a trial, All About Football does not assume responsibilty for the treatment given to the player by the inviting club.
If the club does not defray the costs for the participant's trip, the planning and the organization of the trip must be done by the player.

10. Exclusion of Participant

All About Football reserves the right to exclude a participant from the event for reasons of serious misbehaviour on his part (e.g., rioting, acts of violence, vandalism, racism, consumption of alcohol or drugs, punishable offence as well as other gross infractions of rules). In any such case a refund of the fee is excluded.

11. Insurance

During the events All About Football covers neither health nor personal liability insurance of the participants.
On registering, every participant warrants that he has health and personal liability insurance. Further insurances are recommended but are left to the discretionary decision of the participant. We recommend that you take out a travel cancelation insurance for your participation in our events.

12. Medical Care

On registering, the participants give All About Football permission (for the period of the event) to administer first aid in an emergency due to injury or a health problem. The participants (or their parents) state they are ready to reimburse All About Football fully for any expenses arising from such a case of emergency if it should occur.

13. Data Protection, Claim of Ownership of Image, Video for Advertising Purposes

All About Football points out that personal data of the participants are e-filed and are stored and exclusively used for the completion of the contract, also by making use of electronic media, with the participants' agreement to such use having been warranted by their prior agreement to the contract.

The promoter commits himself to treating all the participants' data confidentially and to not passing them on to a third party without prior consent of the participants. The participants agree that the promoter may send them topical information regarding the event to their postal or e-mail address. The participants may revoke this consent at any time vis-à-vis the promoter.

The participants irrevocably agree that recordings (sound recording and image capturing) may be made. The recordings may also be made by third parties. Moreover, the consent applies to the exploitation of the individual recordings, without the stating of names, for advertising purposes of All About Football's private company for all media, and particularly for their own homepage.

The participants waive raising a claim as regards the exploitation of the recordings for the individual purposes.

14. Severability Clause

If the individual terms and conditions of this contract should be or become ineffective or void, this will not touch on the validity of the remaining provisions of this agreement.

The parties to the agreement commit themselves to replacing ineffective or void terms by new terms and conditions that comply with the economic regulatory content contained in the ineffective or void terms and conditions in a legally permissible way. The same is valid when provisions prove to be incomplete. In such a case the parties to the contract commit themselves to adding regulations in compliance with what the parties would have agreed on if they had taken into consideration the respective aspect at the moment of concluding the contract5